Build Your Box

What's in my box? 

(This is an example of one of our 'pick 2 cocktails - makes 8 drinks' boxes!)

Your cocktails arrive at your doorstep in our lovely Jam Jar boxes, you can even have them gift wrapped if you are sending them as a gift, or just feeling fancy! They include jam jars for mixing and drinking your cocktails, a reusable metal spirit pourer, paper straws, cocktail decorations, recipe cards and your cocktail ingredients - all protected by box filling that you can dissolve in water! 

We have over 30 cocktails to pick from and you can mix and match in a variety of different box sizes below. Good luck picking, they're all delicious!

Important notice - Please read before placing an order this month

Hello! Thank you so much for visiting my little website. I am a small business, in fact it is just me (Joe) that runs it on a day to day basis. This month I am lucky enough to be marrying my beautiful wife-to-be! We will then be heading off on our honeymoon. During this time I will be closing the online store, please see dates below.

Online store temporarily closes from Tuesday 17th 2022
Orders already placed to be delivered during this time will be shipped on Wednesday 18th June (don't worry, the boxes have a shelf-life of at least 6 weeks!). The online store will then reopen on Saturday 5th June 2022, for orders to be delivered the following week. 

I look forward to putting together cocktail boxes for you in the future! Thank you, Joe.


The store is closed for maintenance