What time do I need to order by for next day delivery?

For a local delivery, you'll need to order before 4pm to get your cocktail box delivered on the next working day. 

For a couriered delivery, you'll need to order before 12 noon to get your cocktail box delivered on the next working day. Although all of our boxes are sent for next day delivery, there can very occasionally be delays within the courier system, that are unfortunately out of our hands. 


Can I get a box delivered anywhere in the UK?

We deliver boxes all over the UK. We ship them for next day delivery with DHL, which you can arrange for as soon as the following day or for a future date. Once you enter your delivery address at checkout, the website will generate your shipping options. 

How do I know if I qualify for local delivery? 

Local delivery is within a certain radius of Reading, UK. If you enter your delivery address at checkout, it will generate your delivery options. If local delivery is available to you, it will appear as a selectable option. 

If I select a delivery date, when will you dispatch it?

If you are having your box delivered via our couriers, DHL, then we will dispatch the box the working day before your delivery date. All of our boxes are sent for next working day delivery.  We advise that you consider your delivery date carefully, as occasionally there can be delays with the couriers, that are unfortunately out of our hands. 


What days do you deliver?

Currently, we deliver Monday to Friday, both locally and via DHL. Occasionally we will open up weekend deliveries for special occasions such as Mother's Day for example. 

What time will my box be delivered?

If your box is being delivered locally, we will email you with a timeslot and ask you to let us know if you'd like us to leave your box in a safe place or with a neighbor. We try and be a specific as we can, but some days get super busy. 


 If you box is being delivered via DHL, we will update your order with a tracking number, so you can track you order via the DHL website. You'll get an email with a notification when it has been done. 

Subscription Box

What will be included in my box?

Each month we create 2 new, off-menu cocktails for our subscription service. We like to keep these as a surprise, to add to the excitement of opening your box! You can see what else is included in your box under the Cocktail Subscription tab at the top of the page. 

How often will I receive my subscription?

You'll receive a box once a month, the dates of dispatch are available under the Cocktail Subscription tab at the top of the page. 

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at anytime. You'll just need to email to let us know. If you cancel before that months payment has been taken, we will cancel straight away. If you cancel after payment has been taken, you'll receive your next box, which will be your last.


Can I rejoin later?

We'd love to have you back! 

What if I have allergies?

You can let us know of any allergies when you fill out your subscription form. We will arrange for substitute items for your box. We always recommend that you read any ingredients labels carefully and always contact us if you are unsure. 

Cocktail Box Content

Once I receive my box, how long will the contents last for?

As long as your box is stored in a cool, dry place, the contents will be fine unopened for 6 weeks. Once you open the individual juices and mixers, they will need to be refrigerated. There won't be any fruit inside your box, this is for local delivery only and will always be served in a separate paper bag. 


What will be included in my box?

Each box is different, in size and contents, based upon your cocktail choices. You can click on a box on our online store and you will see a list of what is included in that particular box. 

Will I get fruit with my box? 

If you are receiving a local delivery, then you will get fresh fruit included with your box. This will come in a separate paper bag, in addition to the box. At the moment, we cannot send fruit in our boxes being delivered via courier. 

If I get my box gift wrapped, what will it look like? 

We carefully wrap our boxes in recycled craft paper and seal it with twine string. You can see some examples on our Instagram and Facebook pages (links at the bottom of the page). 

Are the cocktails vegan friendly? 

The vast majority of the products that we use are vegan friendly. All of our fresh fruit juices and liqueurs are suitable for vegans. There are certain products that we use, such as honey and Kahlua Coffee Liqueur, that contain ingredients that aren't suitable for vegans. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any specific product queries.