Long Cocktails

Lady Marmalade

Bombay Sapphire Gin | Orangina | Frobishers Grapefruit Juice | Orange Marmalde | Fresh Lemon

The newest cocktail on our menu, combining gin and fine cut marmalade, with the classic taste of Orangina (I bet you haven't had one of those in a while!). The tangy fresh grapefruit juice and squeeze of lemon, really bring this delicious and refreshing cocktail together.

Strawberry Kiss 

Absolut Vodka | Strawberry Liqueur | Sicilian Lemonade | Basil Syrup | Fresh Lemon

This is one of our new creations, originally mixed up for our subscribers. It's fresh, fruity and has a subtle hint of basil running through it. A real winner.

Crème Brûlée Espresso Martini 

Absolut Vodka | Coffee Liqueur | Arabica Espresso Coffee | Crème Brûlée Syrup

Our twist on the classic Espresso Martini. Strong tones of coffee, with an underlying sweetness of a beautiful crème brûlée. Delicious.


JJ Whitely Gin | Raspberry Liqueur | Ginger Ale | Fresh Lime

Fresh and crisp, the very easy to drink Floradora. The ginger is very subtle, and the raspberry and lime flavours work so well with the a beautiful, dry gin. This is one for all the gin lovers!

Sicilian Fizz

Gordons Dry Gin | Limenchello | Frobishers Pineapple Juice | Ginger Ale | Fresh Lemon

A beautifully, refreshing cocktail. This gin based drink, has subtle hints of lemon and ginger running through it. It uses pairs fresh pineapple juice and ginger ale, to give it a slightly carbonated hit. 

Grapefruit Spritz

Gordons Dry Gin | Frobishers Grapefruit Juice | Prosecco | Fevertree Soda Water

A cocktail that combines gin and prosecco is always a winner, right? using fresh grapefruit juice and gin to make the cocktail base, prosecco and soda water is added to give it a crisp and refreshing taste. 

Strawberry Pink Passion

Gordons Pink Gin | Pineapple Syrup | Prosecco | Strawberry Jam | Fresh Lemon


Did somebody say pink gin and Prosecco...? This is the latest addition to our cocktail menu. You asked for another Prosecco based cocktail and we delivered, with a bang!


Kettle One Vodka | Frobishers Cranberry Juice | Orange Liquor | Fresh Lime

A classic cocktail, combing the tart flavours of cranberry and lime, with hints of orange liquor running through. We like to pair a nice smooth vodka with this one.

Pornstar Martini

Absolut Vanilla Vodka | Prosecco | Passionfruit Liquor | Frobishers Orange Juice | Simple Syrup | Fresh Lime

This has to be our most popular cocktail! I don't put many boxes together, that don't include one of these! The flavours in this one are unreal, with passionfruit, orange and vanilla hints throughout. 

French Martini

Kettle One Vodka | Frobishers Pineapple Juice | Raspberry Liquor | Fresh Lemon

Another martini twist! This is one of my favourite long cocktails. Smooth vodka, raspberry liquor and fresh pineapple juice - brought to life with a good squeeze of fresh lemon juice!

Shanghai Fizz

Gordons Dry Gin | Lychee Liquor | Frobishers Pineapple Juice | Ginger Ale | Fresh Lemon

This one is our mums favourite - we just had to have it on our menu! Lychee liquor adds a lovely fragrant taste - definitely smell it before you pour, it's delicious!

Mai Tai

Captain Morgans Dark Rum | Orange Liquor | Frobishers Pineapple Juice | Blood Orange Syrup | Fresh Lime

There's so many takes on this refreshing and fruit cocktail. We use blood orange syrup in ours, it adds colour and works really well with dark rum and fresh fresh pineapple juice. 

Rum Punch

Havana Club Rum | Pineapple Syrup | Frobishers Orange Juice | Ginger Jam | Fresh Lime

Our new and improved Rum Punch cocktail. This combines dark rum, with fresh fruit juices and lime. We've added ginger jam, to give it a little background hit!

Gin Garden

JJ Whitley Gin | Frobishers Apple Juice | Elderflower Liqueur | Fresh Cucumber

A Jam Jar Cocktail Club classic - fresh, crisp and fruity, combined with gin, you just can't go wrong. This is one moorish cocktail.


Cherry Morello Blossom


Spiced Rum | Frobisher's Apple Juice | Tiptree Honey | Morello Cherry Jam | Fresh Lemon

This cocktail is one of our latest additions to the menu! The morello cherry jam works so well with the spiced rum, to create sweet, yet punchy flavours. 

Tequila Sunrise

Jose Cuervo Tequila | Frobishers Grapefruit Juice | Strawberry Syrup | Fresh Lime

I really love the taste of fresh grapefruit juice. The tart flavour takes some of the edge off of the tequila and the hint of sweet strawberry and fresh lime just work so well. 

Spiced Mule

Havana Club Rum | Luscombe Ginger Beer | Blood Orange Syrup | Fresh Lime

This was probably the most popular cocktail of 2020. It's our twist on a classic Mule - the key, using a really good quality ginger beer and adding depth with rum and blood orange syrup.

Apple Pie

Kettle One Vodka | Frobishers Apple Juice | Cinnmon Syrup | Tiptree Honey

Apple Pie is our favourite dessert and we love cocktails - this was just a no brainer... We tried a few recipes and came up with this beauty.

Cider Cooler

Johnny Walker Whiskey | Guest Cider | Tiptree Honey | Fresh Lemon

This is a stronger hitting cocktail, with the cider acting as a mixer. It started out as an autumn addition - but it's here to stay!

Raspberry Mule

Kettle One Vodka | Luscombe Ginger Beer | Raspberry Syrup | Fresh Lime

The second of our 'Mule Family'. This one uses the more traditional vodka, cut with raspberry syrup. Remember, you're in control, so you can make it as sweet or strong as you like.

Pina Colada

Malibu Coconut Rum | Frobishers Pineapple Juice | Coconut Milk

A holiday staple. The Pina Colada just makes me think summer holiday, on the beach, with no worries in the world. 

Short Cocktails

Rhubarb Margarita

Jose Cuervo Tequila | Orange Liquor | Rhubarb Syrup | Fresh Lime

A twist on the classic margarita, with a hint of one of my favourite flavours, rhubarb. A strong and punchy cocktail, packed with flavour.

Whiskey Sour

Jameson's Whiskey | Ginger Jam | Simple Syrup | Fresh Lemon

Sipping on a whiskey sour has a touch of elegance and class to it, even if it's Ethan. Our twist includes a touch of ginger jam to add more depth and spice. Lovely.

Cherry Amaretto Sour

Disaronno Amaretto | Cherry Brandy | Simple Syrup | Fresh Lemon

Our second sour on the menu. This one combines the classic amaretto flavours, with cherry brandy. Sweet and punchy flavours.

Gin Bramble

Tanqueray Gin | Blackberry Liquor | Simple Syrup | Fresh Lemon

If you're into your gin, but like something a little stronger, this is the one for you. Sweet but strong underlying tones of blackberry, make this one a real winner.

Watermelon Margarita

Jose Cuervo Tequila | Orange Liquor | Watermelon Syrup | Fresh Lime

Our second twist on the classic margarita, introducing our beautiful watermelon margarita! This one really makes me think of holidays, sat poolside with a refreshing cocktail and no worries.


English Garden

Seedlip Garden 108 | Frobishers Apple Juice | Sparkling Elderflower | Fresh Cucumber

For this one we use Seedlips non alcoholic spirits, to create a fresh and crisp take on one of our signature cocktails. 

Orange Mule

Seedlip Grove 42 | Luscombe Ginger Beer | Blood Orange Syrup | Fresh Lime

Fresh and spicy, with notes of blood orange running through. This mocktail has bags of flavour and hints of background spice.