Gin // cloudy apple juice // elderflower // cucumber

The Gin Garden is by far one of our best sellers at events. It has a beautifully crisp and refreshing flavour, with hints of elderflower and cucumber make it a big hit. Plus come on, who doesn't want a gin cocktail?

If you are using your box to make 12 cocktails, you'll need 25ml of gin, 50ml of cloudy apple juice, 50ml of elderflower and some fresh cucumber. If you want to make 6 stronger cocktails, I would recommend upping to 50ml of gin and just adding slightly more cloudy apple juice. It's a taste preference, you're the creator, so just see how you go!

  1. Add 25ml of gin to your jam jar.

  2. Fill the jar with ice. You want this to be to the top of the jam, but so that you can also get the lid on. 

  3. Add 50ml of cloudy apple juice.

  4. Add 50ml of elderflower.

  5. Put the lid on and give it a good shake!

  6. Add a slice of cucumber. Sometimes I like to take a vegetable peeler and peel off the length of the cucumber, then roll it up. 

  7. Put a straw in and enjoy. This is one for the sun.