a family business | using fresh, locally sourced produce | with environmental values

Hi! We are Joe and Ethan, brothers and the proud owners of The Jam Jar Cocktail Club. We serve a range of cocktails, draft beer, spirits, bottles, wine and prosecco, at weddings and events. 

We handcraft our bars, using sustainable materials. Supporting small businesses like ours is so important to us, we use Fletcher's Greengrocers of Wokingham for fresh fruit for all of our cocktails, in an attempted to reduce plastic packaging and lend a helping hand to others. We serve beer and ales and will always try to incorporate products from local breweries in our stock.


Joe was working full time as a PE teacher in London. During the summer holidays he built a small (and very heavy!) 1.5m wooden bar, ordered a box of jam jars and created a website.

The first events were challenging, coming back from London to work late, then washing and packing away all of the equipment before heading back for work on a Monday!


Ethan returned at the end of the year with a wealth of experience. At which point, we both went down to working 3 days a week in our teaching jobs, to allow more time to focus on the cocktail business.


Whilst working long hours in London, Joe continued to spend his weekends doing charity based cocktail events, to try to establish the company.

Living in London meant that he had no car however... so a train journey back home to Reading, to borrow his mum's small hatchback was a weekly occurance!


Finally working side by side, we were able to secure rental on a very small barn in Berkshire, where we would spend Friday to Monday planning and carrying out events.

Unknown to both, we would move a further 2 times before August due to growth!


Joe moved back to Reading to continue to pursue the cocktail business. Learning all the time, he was creating cocktails from a newer and slightly more lightweight bar!

A slightly larger car was on the agenda, to mums relief...


We began to focus on the wedding industry and serving a range of drinks alongside our cocktails.

Now serving cocktails, spirits, pints, wines and prosecco, new bigger bars were needed (time to get the tools out again). 


Ethan took on an amazing opportunity to travel the world, working as a chef (for future Jam Jar ventures!). Events were starting to get larger, so a small van was on the agenda. 


We are really excited for the future and can't wait to get started in our new office in Berkshire. We have a lot of work to do, but have some amazing ideas to get started on. 

We hope to see you at an event soon!

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