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Your cocktails arrive at your doorstep in our lovely Jam Jar boxes, you can even have them gift wrapped if you are sending them as a gift, or just feeling fancy! You can get your cocktails as soon as the next working day, or pick a date up to 3 months in advance!

Our packaging and contents are eco-friendly and can be recycled or re-used. They include jam jars for mixing and drinking your cocktails, a reusable metal spirit pourer, paper straws, cocktail decorations, recipe cards and your cocktail ingredients - all protected by box filling that you can dissolve in water! 

We have over 30 cocktails to pick from and you can mix and match in a variety of different box sizes below. Good luck picking, they're all delicious!

Hi! My name is Joe and I run The Jam Jar Cocktail Club. 

I am only a small business, it's is just me that operates it, packs and delivers! Unfortunately our one-year-old has been a bit poorly, which has made running the business, alongside trips to the hospital too much of a stretch. I am closing for April to have some time off to focus on my son.

It's a real challenge owning a small business, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication and taking time off is a decision that doesn't come lightly - the fact is that there's no support for doing so.

I hope to be back up and running soon. I apologise for anyone wishing to order and thank you so much for your custom, it really means a lot. 

The store is closed for maintenance
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