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Bar Bus Hire

Meet Olive!

We have just finished converting our 1990's Mercedes bus, Olive! Previously a home to the last owner, we have transformed it into a lovely mobile bar. Our bar bus can serve up to 500 guests and as well as serving a range of beautiful cocktails, we also have beer taps on board. Alongside this, we serve a wide range of quality spirits and mixers, wines, Prosecco, cider and soft drinks. 


Olive is part powered by 2 big solar panels on the roof and has a triple fridge inside, as well as a freezer and beer taps. We have a real emphasis on serving good quality drinks, that we would love to enjoy ourselves. This means that we utilise local and small breweries for our beers and ales, as well as having more premium brand lagers on board. Alongside this, we select good quality base spirits for our cocktails and other drinks, as well as using Fever-Tree for all of our tonic mixers.


We have a real emphasis on being as environmentally friendly as we can - we use paper straws, maximise the solar panels on the bus roof and take back all of our waste for recycling and composting. 


We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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