Moscow mule

vodka // fresh lime // ginger beer

This is one of my favourite cocktails. It's simple and has a good hit to it. The ginger beer needs to be fiery and you should be able to taste hints of the vodka, that's brought to life by the fresh lime. If I was going to make one of mine a double, this would be it.

If you are using your box to make 12 cocktails, you'll need 25ml of vodka, 100ml of ginger beer and a quarter of a fresh lime. If you want to make 6 stronger cocktails, I would recommend upping to 50ml of vodka and just adding slightly more ginger beer. It's a taste preference, you're the creator, so just see how you go! Adding much more lime might make it slightly acidic.

  1. Add 25ml of vodka to your jam jar.

  2. Add a quarter of a lime, giving it a good squeeze as you drop it into the jar.

  3. Fill the jar with ice. You want this to be to the top of the jam, but so that you can also get the lid on. 

  4. Put the lid on and give it a good shake!

  5. Top up with 100ml of ginger beer. 

  6. You can add a peice of lime to the top for decoration. I don't squeeze mine to prevent acidic flavours dominating the cocktail, I let it sit on the top. I usually create a lime wheel!

  7. Put a straw in and enjoy.