jam jar whiskey sour

pig's nose whiskey // ginger jam // simple syrup // lemon

I'd say that a whiskey sour or amaretto sour would be one of my first choices on a cocktail menu. I like that they are strong tasting cocktails and that you can have little sips yet get so much flavour. This version is one that I have made up myself, using a delicious and flavoursome ginger jam. If you are planning to make one of your cocktails a double, I would go fo this one. It works fine as a single if your looking for a little cocktail hit! You'll have some leftover ginger jam - I use mine in a homemade curry!

If you are using your box to make 12 cocktails, you'll need 25ml of whiskey, a small teaspoon of ginger jam (roughly a level teaspoon), a dash of simple syrup and an eighth of a lemon. If you want to make 6 stronger cocktails, I would recommend upping to 50ml of whiskey and maybe a slight touch more of the jam. It's a taste preference, you're the creator, so just see how you go! 

  1. Add 25ml of whisky to your jam jar.

  2. Add a dash of simple syrup.

  3. Add a level teaspoon of ginger jam (go for more if you love the ginger hit!)

  4. Chuck in your lemon (make sure there are no pips).

  5. Fill the jar with ice. You want this to be to the top of the jam, but so that you can also get the lid on.  

  6. Put the lid on and give it a good shake! 

  7. Add a wedge of lemon on the top, put a straw in and enjoy.